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Acer Tree Services are a tree surgeon Farnham and offer a specialist Arboricultural service. We have been providing a quality service to clients, both commercial and private, across the South East for many years. 

We pride ourselves on our skilled and knowledgeable workforce who deliver a professional service with high levels of safety, quality and customer care. We are fully insured for our operations, we adhere closely to British standards and legislation, and ensure that all our staff are certified to the NPTC industry standard. 

Acer Tree Services offers a full set of tree services to both domestic and commercial clients as we are a tree surgeon Farnham. From tree felling to crown thinning or hedge trimming and stump removal, tree planting or complete site clearance. We are qualified and experienced in working in Industrial and utility settings requiring high health & safety practices and keep that same level of professionalism and quality standards for all our clients.

Certain trees,( TPO’s or Tree Protection Orders) and areas (Conservation Areas) are protected by local councils and any work would need to be approved by the LPA prior to any work commencing. If you do not gain permission you could face a fine of up to £20,000. We carry out work to protected trees and all operations are carried out to the British Standard 3998. If you have a tree that’s protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) or is situated in a conservation area, we can submit the planning application for you and liaise with the relevant council. All of our employees are professionally qualified in tree work and carry our passion for caring for trees. We can help you local tree surgeon in Farnham, Acer Tree Services. 

We carry Public Liability Insurance, are local authority approved, We are also committed to giving you a stress free experience by giving you top quality workmanship and customer service. We are your local tree surgeons in Farnham. 


Tree Surgeon Farnham

Above is the Copper Beech (Fagus Sylvatica f. purpurea)

The graceful beech tree, which grows widely throughout Europe especially on free-draining, chalky soil has many uses. It is thought that early books were written on thin tablets of beech wood, with the name beech deriving from the Anglo- Saxon boc, from which came the English word book. Triangular, oil-rich beech nuts, known as mast, were historically an important food for pigs, which would be encouraged to forage in beech woods, and the nuts were also used for furniture and flooring, while the fact that it retains its brown leaves for a long time has made it popular for hedging. In the autumn, beech woods are traditionally a fruitful place in which to look for mushrooms.

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